Hotwyr Ticket to Ride – Jess
Sire: Kimmax Bolt (Imp UK)
Dam: Hotwyr Hard Days Night
Whelped: 30.04.2010


Jess has joined Izaak (Hotwyr Double Indemnity), Khan, Lisa and Craig in New Plymouth.
Jess is well on her way to being a hunting dog like her Uncle Izaak!

There are more pics of Jess with Izaak & Khan on Izaak’s page………..

Pedigree of “Hotwyr Ticket to Ride – Jess”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Kimmax Bolt (Imp UK)     


Uri vom Liether-Moor (Deu)

Joschi III del Zeffiro @ Kimmax (Imp It)


Hotwyr Hard Days Night

Ch Jagerrob Tarn of the Styx SDCh
NZCh Kimmax Kontessa SDCh (Imp UK)