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Where did our pups go?

The Charmed Litter – January 2004:

Ch Hotwyr Whitelighter “Cole” – (South Auckland) Run free Cole (2012)
Hotwyr Darklighter “Bob” – Charlie (Wanganui) Run Free Bob-A-Lob (2019)
Hotwyr She’s Charmed “Meer” – Roger (Timaru) Run free my gorgeous girl (2015)
Hotwyr Charmed Life “Jake” – Tom (Wellington) Run free sweet Jake (2015)
Hotwyr Charmed I’m Sure “Waze” – Ian (Waikato/BOP) Run free
Hotwyr Good Luck Charmed “Smoke” – crossed over the Rainbow Bridge
Hotwyr Charmed Away “Mo” – Deidre (Palmerston North) Run Free
Hotwyr Magic Charmed “Keisha” – Janese (Turangi) Rest easy Sweetheart (2018)
Ch Hotwyr Charmed and Dangerous SDCh “Wyatt” Miss you Sticky Rest easy (2016)
Ch Hotwyr The Charmed One SDX “Boo” best friend & fly-fishing buddy of Sherrie (Rotorua) Run Free Boo (2018)

The Crime Programme Litter – November 2005:

Ch Hotwyr Prime Suspect “Rabbit” – Bryony & Helen (West Auckland) Run free Rabbit (2015)
Hotwyr Without a Trace QC “Liesel” – at the Rainbow Bridge
Hotwyr Between the Lines “Blade” – Gina & Andrew (South Auckland) Suddenly (2015)
Hotwyr The Avenger “Emma” – Murray (Rotorua)
Hotwyr Against the Law “Lottie” – Andrea (Te Kuiti)
Hotwyr Crime Story “Annie” – tragically taken as a puppy, now at the Rainbow Bridge with “Luger”
Hotwyr Get Smart “Max” – Rachel (Timaru) Run free Max x
Hotwyr Criminal Intent “Luger” – crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with “Annie”
Hotwyr Lawman “Hector” – back at Hotwyr – now at the rainbow bridge with his siblings (2016)
Hotwyr Law and Order “Alexandra” stayed at Hotwyr, Run free bubbas (2020)

The Tuff Litter – July 2008:

Hotwyr Hard Days Night “Leila” – Warren (Temuka)

The Crime Novel Litter – October 2008:

Hotwyr Raven Black “Niya” – Wayne (Tauranga)
Hotwyr Time and Again “Jazz” – Running free at the Rainbow Bridge
Hotwyr Double Indemnity “Izaac – Craig, Lisa & “Khan” (Taranaki)
Ch Hotwyr Crime and Punishment “Erik” – Rachel and Amelia
Hotwyr Presumed Innocent “Jazz” – Burke & Janette (Napier)
Aust Ch Hotwyr The Secret Agent “Bond” – Fiona Dempster (Australia) Run free Baby Bond (2015)

The Catchphrase Litter – April 2010

Ch Hotwyr Be Afraid B Very Afraid “Maia” – T & Janine (Timaru)
Hotwyr There Can Be Only One “Max” – Prue (Queenstown)
Hotwyr Hi De Hi “Heidi” – Daniel (Auckland)
Hotwyr She’ll Be Right “Nell” – Peter (Auckland)
Ch Hotwyr Lock Stock and Barrel “Wyatt” – Steve (Kurow) Run free Wyatt Jnr (2021)
Hotwyr Drop-Dead Gorgeous “Maia” – Les (Wellington)
Hotwyr Cut To The Chase “Rose” – Ron (Outram)
Hotwyr Stand and Deliver “Benelli” – Eric Lentz (Hawaii)

The Favourite Beatles Songs Litter – January 2011

Hotwyr Twist And Shout “Mae” – Steve (Dunedin)
NZ/Aust Ch Hotwyr Baby It’s You “Shirelle” – stayed at Hotwyr
Hotwyr Day Tripper “Heidi” – Jonathan (Alexandra)
Hotwyr Hey Jude “Jude” – Ossie (Feilding)
Hotwyr Miss Lizzy “Sky” – Tom (Wellington)
Hotwyr Baby’s In Black “Kelly” – Mark & Vanessa (Christchurch) Run Free Kelly (2020)
Hotwyr Let It Be “Shadie” – Rob (Wellington)
Hotwyr Ticket To Ride “Jess” – Craig, Lisa, “Izaak” & “Khan” (Taranaki)

The Famous Catchphrases Litter – March 2013

Hotwyr I’m Your Huckleberry “Kate” – Gina & Andrew (Ashburton)
Hotwyr The Buck Stops Here “Ruger” – Simon (Christchurch)
Hotwyr First In Last Out “Sasha” – Zane (Invercargill)
Hotwyr Stand Firm “Lexi” – Jonathan (Arrowtown)
Hotwyr You Had Me At Hello “Jess” – Catherine (Palmerston North)
Hotwyr Show Me The Money “Eva” – Chuck (Napier) Tragically taken August 2015 – Run free xx

The Tribute to the 80’s Litter – May 2014 (Australia)

Aust Gr Ch/NZ Ch Hotwyr Ice Ice Baby “Vani” (Imp Aust) (stayed at Hotwyr)
Hotwyr Who Can It Be Now “Gerry” Katherine & Kendall (Singapore then Hong Kong)
Hotwyr The Whole ov the Moon “Luna” (NSW)
Hotwyr Crazy for You “Louise” (Queensland)
Hotwyr Lets Hear it for the Boy “Rufus” (NSW)
Hotwyr Time After Time “Gipsy” – Viola (Victoria)
Hotwyr U Give Love a Bad Name “Sumo” – Colm & Sach (Tas)
Hotwyr Everything She Wants “Mallee” (NSW/Vic border)

The Black is Back, Baby Litter – March 2016 (Australia)

Hotwyr Baby Got Black “Roo” – Bryony & Helen (Auckland)
Hotwyr Nowhere To Run To Baby “Martha” – Robert Cheetham (Sydney)
Hotwyr Back To Black “Jak” – Di & Trevor (Oamaru)
Hotwyr Black Eyed Pea “Duke” – Liam (Canberra)
Hotwyr Be My Baby “Holly” – Rosemary (Adelaide)
Hotwyr Don’t Call Me Baby “Theo” – Brodie (Sydney)
Hotwyr Baby Be Mine “Hans” – Leah (Melbourne)
Ch Hotwyr Once You Go Black “Luther” staying with Hotwyr Australia

Tribute to the 60’s – July 2017 (Australia)

NZ/Aust Ch Hotwyr Sympathy for the Devil “Mick” – Elaine (Christchurch)
Hotwyr Since You’ve Been Gone “Lennie” (NSW)
Hotwyr One for my Baby “Lola” (Tasmania) Running Free
Hotwyr All Along Th Watchtower “Jimi” (NSW)
Hotwyr A Town Without Pity “Bruin” (Western Australia)
Hotwyr Every Beat of My Heart “Luna” (NSW)
Hotwyr There was A Time “Wolfie” (Vic)
Hotwyr The Boat That I Row “Gabi” (Vic) Running Free
Hotwyr Catch The Wind “Moose” (ACT)
Hotwyr Don’t Rain On My Parade “Walter Jnr” (South Australia)

Tribute to 60’s Movies – March 2018 (NZ)

Ch Hotwyr To Catch A Mockingbird “Atticus” (Hotwyr NZ)
Hotwyr Breakfast At Tiffany’s “Heidi” – Charlotte (UK)
Hotwyr Bedazzled “Ellee” – Philip (Northland)
Hotwyr Behold A Pale Horse “Kaiwhai” – Jeremy (Dunedin)
Hotwyr Highlander “Ben” – Di & Trevor (Oamaru)
Hotwyr Hang Em High “Clint” – (Christchurch)
Hotwyr Little Big Man “Murphy” – Ailsa & Ian (Christchurch)
Hotwyr The Only Game In Town “Tom” – Simon (Christchurch)

Straight Outta Selwyn – May 2020 (NZ)

Ch Hotwyr Let’s Talk About X “Salt” (Hotwyr NZ)
Hotwyr Push It “Onyx” – Zara (Palmerston North)
Hotwyr Blah Blah Blah “Freya” – Alek (Christchurch)
FT Ch Hotwyr It’s Getting Hot N Here NA P1 “Nelly” – Grant (Queenstown)
Hotwyr Spend A Little Doe “Missy” Janese (Central Plateau)
Hotwyr Better Now “Otto” – Elaine & Grant (Ashburton)
Hotwyr Work It “Gauge” – Robert (Wairarapa)
Hotwyr Man’s Not Hot “Murphy” – Toby (Christchurch)

Straight Outta Selwyn – The Remix – Dec 2020

Ch Hotwyr Best I Ever Had “Shadow” Sharon & Gareth (Marton)
Hotwyr Ain’t Got No Haters “Alfie” – Oscar (Queenstown)
Hotwyr I Might Need Security “Sako” – Milan (Auckland)
Hotwyr Empire State Of Mind “Stan” – Peter (Ashburton)
Hotwyr All Eyez On Me “Doc” – Andrew & Georgina (Ashburton)
Hotwyr In Da Club “Atawai” – Greg (Hamilton)
Hotwyr Paper Planes “Sage” – Mark (Christchurch)
Hotwyr Gitty Up “Maya” – Lorette (Taranaki)
Hotwyr All Hail The Queen “Zelda” – Karina & Greg (Waikanae)
Hotwyr The Sweetest Thing “Wren” – Deidre (Levin)
Hotwyr Who’s That Girl “Jess” Mark & Sharron (Christchurch)

Famous UK Solo Artists – Jan 2022

Hotwyr Thinking Out Loud “Iti” – Marty (Christchurch)
Hotwyr Anyone Who Had A Heart “Cilla” – Hotwyr NZ
Hotwyr Wishin’ And Hopin’ “Daisy” – Zoe (Christchurch)
Hotwyr Ain’t Misbehavin’ “Kafka” – Zara (Christchurch)
Hotwyr What’s New Pussycat “Tom” – Debbie (Taupo)
Hotwyr Against All Odds “Fred” Kevin (Taranaki)
Hotwyr Running Up That Hill “Maeve” – Philip (Outram)
Hotwyr You’re In My Heart – “Huxley” – Steve (Kurow)
Hotwyr Regatta De Blanc “Beau” Sherina (Huntly)

All Hotwyr pups go to their new homes with 1st Vaccination, Microchipped, NZKC registered (on the limited register) with a puppy pack and the full life time support of Hotwyr Kennels. We like nothing better than to be kept in the loop as our pups grow and should circumstances change we will endeavour to take a dog back (at any age) and will always help find a new home for them.

Based on this we have not rehomed any of our own homebred dogs as we believe a dog is for life – their life.